Company profile


For more than 50 years, Carboline has combined innovation in product development with unparalleled  technical knowledge and field support to command the leadership role in the high performance coating industry.


Today, Carboline offers a comprehensive line of corrosion resistant coatings, architectural finishes and fireproofing with a depth unmatched by any other single source supplier.


From the harsh environments of offshore drilling platforms and pulp and paper mills, to the everyday constant exposure of seasonal elements, Carboline Coatings provide outstanding performance against virtually every type of corrosive environments.


Carboline products are marketed and supported by a worldwide network of specialty trained and certified sales professionals. This team is further supported by technical service engineers, customer service representatives and market specialists who are dedicated to understanding and anticipating your needs.


In addition to theses groups, Carboline products are marketed and serviced by several specialty sales teams for fireproofing, transportation, OEM applications and Plasite tanklinings.